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Literally, Goju-Ryu means the 'hard-soft karate style' The fighting system is based on the general Taoist notion that too much hardness (or stiffness), or softness does not allow for optimal speed and generation of power when fighting. Goju-Ryu is characterized by an aggressive style of attack emphasizing the deliverance of hard blows, but with easy effort and rapid succession. Goju teaches discipline that stresses the important of relaxing the body musculature while at the same time keeping an alert, focused mind on the movement of ones opponent. It is easier to respond faster when one is relaxed. Also, if a blow is received its effect is much reduced if the body is relaxed.

The name Shudokan is used for this club because in Japan it is traditional for dojos to have their own name (this is name Sensei Nomada's instructor's club in Kyoto). Shudokan (which means Place to learn and find out one's goals and duties as a person through the study of karate, has been generically applied to all clubs with affiliation to Nomada Sensei (now with clubs in Ladner and East Vancouver).

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Sensei Shiomi
Master Akira Shiomi is now Vice President and Senior Technical Advisor of the Japan Karatedo Federation Goju-kai. He was born on March 25, 1934 and is 9th Dan, Hanshi.

Master Shiomi is one of the top karate masters in the world and holds his black belt rank directly as the last certificate issued from the founder of Gojukai karate, Grand Master Chojun Miyagi.

Shudokan Karate & Education Society Canada is pleased to be associated (through Sensei Nomada) to such an illustrious Master. The Aboriginal community in Canada is proud to have a direct connection to such a distinguished Master.

An article interviewing Sensei Shiomi was originally published in the Japanese publication JKFan, 2004/2 No. 13 about the techniques and training methods of Goju-Ryu.

In this article there are many martial arts terms that are difficult to explain in layman terms and many Japanese words and ideas that do not translate well into English. The article was translated by Calvin Helin from direct conversation with Sensei Shiomi (as translated by Sensei Nomada). An additional explanation of terms and ideas has been added to this translation. You can download the article by clicking on: Japanese & English.

Grand Master Chojun Miyagi Master Shiomi at age 77
Master Shiomi Certificate

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