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Sensei Nomada

Sensei Toshiaki Nomada has approximately 42 years of extensive training and experience in the study of karate. With over 28 years experience (and as former head instructor for the Steveston Martial Arts Centre), he is a seasoned karate specialist.

Sensei Nomada was born in 1950 in Tottori, Japan and moved to Kyoto at seven years of age. Initially, he studied Shotokan and two years later he switched to Goju style. He has also studied Kendo, and Judo.

Sensei Nomada is a fully qualified instructor of Goju-Ryu karate and is a 4th dan black belt. He has primarily studied at Sensei Shiomis Shudokan karate club in Kyoto. Sensei Shiomi is a famous instructor in Japan and a special coach of All-Japan Karatedo Federation (see background below). At the same time as studying with Sensei Shiomi, Sensei Nomada also taught at Kenyu Kan school instructing junior karateka.

Sensei Nomada has been associated with Aboriginal students in Canada for over twenty years. He believes the training and discipline from karate can be applied to any endeavor undertaken in life. This, however, requires dedication, constant practice and perseverance. As with anyone else, he believes that the serious study of karate can be important means for making a better life.

In Japan it is traditional for dojos to have their own name and Shudokan is the name of Sensei Shiomis club in Kyoto where Sensei Nomada studied. Shudokan literally means student. Sensei Nomada is the head instructor for Shudokan karate in Canada and this name has been generically applied to all clubs with affiliation to Nomada Sensei.

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