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  • Great Concept to support native youth through the discipline of karate! Congratulations on your endeavour. Keep us posted on what story(ies) evolve. - Patricia Vickers
  • Just wanted to express my support for what you are doing. Keep up the great work!!! :) - David Pilling
  • Just a note: I think this is awesome! - Doris Anderson
  • Excellent work for our youth, perhaps others will be inspired to do similar in other cities...Gilakas'la! - Paula Cranmer-Underhill
  • Congratulations to you for this initiative. - Janice Fontaine
  • Greetings from Nunavut! Thank you for keeping me in the loop about what NITA is up to, Karate helps so many people - best wishes to you on this new venture.
     - Janice Seto
  • Thank youfor the heart and mind to do something so wonderful for our youth. My daughter attends the Shudokan East Vancouver Aboriginal Karate Club; I feel the need to express my many thanks [for] the people who have given her and other Aboriginal children the opportunity to find discipline and structure with a touch of culture somewhat like our own (respect being the key). She is enjoying her new learning experience. Once again thank you for your kindness. - Crystal Woods


2055 Woodland Drive Vancouver, B.C. V5N 3N9
Telephone: (604) 713-4663 Fax: (604) 713-4665
grandview@vsb.bc.ca http://grandview.vsb.bc.ca

Tuesday 2004 July 06
Mr. Calvin Helin
6520 Salish Drive Vancouver, B. C. V6N 2C7

I am writing on behalf of Grandview/?Uuqinak'uuh students, staff and parents to thank you and Sensei Nomada for sponsoring the East Vancouver Karate Club during the 2003-2004 school year. Your weekly program has been a real asset to our school and to the neighbourhood. As you now know, Grandview/?Uuqinak'uuh is a Kindergarten to Grade 7 inner city school. In the immediate area around our school, there are no community centres, community sports leagues, or organized family support services. Approximately fifty percent of our students are of First Nations ancestry. Others are recent immigrants who do not speak English, and some are refugees from war tom countries. The majority of our students live in very impoverished conditions.

Although we cannot change the living conditions of the families in this community, we do pride ourselves on being able to provide quality programs for our students. In addition to the Karate Club, we also offer the Visions Athletic After-School Program, which provides academic, athletic and recreational services to our upper intermediate at-risk students for three hours every day after regular school hours. Since the beginning of the Visions Program in September 2000, we have been successful in keepjng hundreds of students in a safe and caring environment during the crucial after-school hours when they are the most at risk for recruitment into the drug and sex trades.

Another important benefit of the program is the amazing academic success that our students are now experiencing. We have moved from being one of the lowest functioning schools in the Vancouver School District to being one of the best inner city schools. On the fall 2003 Fraser Institute Report Card of B. C. schools, Grandview was ranked number 7 in the province and number 1 in Vancouver, based on the current academic success of our Aboriginal students. One hundred percent of our intermediate Aboriginal students attend the Visions Program, which has been financed by the Royal Bank of Canada for the past four years.

We are deeply grateful to you and to Sensei Nomada for helping us continue to make a difference in the lives of Vancouver's most vulnerable children.

Caro line Krause

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